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Dusk (CD)

Dusk, Boy Named Banjo’s exhilarating new album, is indeed an electrifying dose of lightning in a bottle, one that explores the full sonic and emotional spectrum of the band’s rich, eclectic sound, from late-night, feel-good, fall-in-love party anthems to stripped-down, introspective meditations on loneliness, loss, and letting go. The writing is keen and incisive here, artfully grappling with lust and longing, hope and heartbreak, regret and redemption, and the Nashville five-piece’s performances are nothing short of exhilarating, blurring the lines between Music Row and Laurel Canyon with lush harmonies and bold, cinematic arrangements. The result is a masterfully crafted, larger-than-life major label debut from a band that continues to grow by leaps and bounds with every release, an ambitious, emotional whirlwind that embraces the bitter with the sweet at every turn.


1. Something Bout A Sunset
2. Heart Attack
3. Feel For You (Dusk)
4. Young Forever
5. Whiskey Dreams
6. Mama, I’m Misbehavin’
7. Goodbyes Are Sad
8. Lonely In This Town
9. Opposite Directions

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